The services of 10 Second Marketing must be used responsibly by our customers. SMS marketing should only be used to deliver relevant content to a user that has agreed to receive content from your company or brand.

We consider the following use of the services of 10 Second Marketing as Spam and/or Abuse:

  • Any message sent to a mobile device that has not had the consent of the user beforehand (unsolicited direct marketing messages).
  • The messages you send must clearly state who the message is from, what service, promotion or offer is being offered to the receiver of the message.
  • The purchase of mobile phone number lists. We do not condone this and 10 Second Marketing will consider this a breach of our terms of service which could result in immediate termination of your account.

Guidelines for use:

  • You should only send messages to people that have agreed to receive information from you (you must get his/her consent first which is classed as ‘express consent’).
  • In  certain circumstances you may wish to contact existing customers on your database. This is otherwise known as ‘inferred consent’ which under certain circumstances, might be deemed acceptable by the receiver of the message. We always encourage ‘express consent’.
  • Any messages sent must not be misleading to the receiver including any promotions or discounts you offer.
  • You must clearly state who the message is from with relevant contact information and/or opt-out information.

Spam & abuse violations:

Any customer that is reported for Spam or abuse may be suspended until a full investigation has been carried out. This will result in one of the following courses of action being taken:

  • If your account has been suspended, it will be reinstated back to full service if a false spam or abuse claim has been made against you.
  • We will issue you with a warning and if you are found to breach our anti-spam or abuse policy a second time, your account will be terminated immediately and any unused credits will not be refunded.
  • Under extreme circumstances, if you have been found in breach of our standard terms & conditions (T’s & C’s), your account with us will be terminated and any unused credits will not be refunded.

We take spam & abuse very seriously, if you have a complaint then click ‘here‘ to contact us. Please provide as much information as possible, so we’re able to look into your complaint as thoroughly as we can.

Our Anti-Spam Policy was last updated on the 29th January 2015.